• Mall of America® is the state’s most recognized landmark and generates 40 million annual visitors, one-third traveling from outside of 150 miles, and is the number one tourist destination in the Midwest.
  • More than a half billion people have visited Mall of America (MOA®) since its doors opened in 1992.
  • On any given day MOA becomes Minnesota’s third largest city in population.
  • Tourists spend an average of $162 per visit to MOA. For every dollar spent by visitors in Mall of America, $1.25 is spent by the same visitor outside the Mall.
  • Weekly MOA surveys indicate that the visitor base represents every state.
  • 42 percent of tourists who visit MOA received recommendations and 28 percent are repeat visitors.
  • More than 30 million people live within a day’s drive of MOA.
  • In addition to the $437 million tourists spend at Mall of America annually, every family or group visiting MOA from outside Minnesota spends $539 on goods and services outside MOA.

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